Generating leads offline

One question people always ask, is “where do you get your leads from?” I’ll explain a few ways, and they really work. One way, is to go to the library and find books on MLM Multi level marketing, work from home, generate an income, etc., You take your business card with your link and e-mail address, and tape it on the content page of the book. Another way, is to go wherever you see those community boards with business cards pinned all over them. Take those cards and contact the business owners. Another way, is to go to business seminars and give out your cards or presentation. Go to and find online business owners and network marketers and reach out to them. friends and groups. Google your city professionals, realtors, financial planners. Why? because their more open to network marketing, they have a great social status and most of them operate on commission, so you’re not dealing with an employee-type mindset. another is . There are so many professionals(average income 100k per year) who you can connect with, who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. You can connect just as easily on and . Church events. The main reason people go to church events, is community go there and build relationships. Don’t just go to these places with a hard sell. There are many more that I will list, but these are some basic ideas to get the ball rolling. I’ll post examples of what to say to your contacts on a later date.


People will see two sellers offering the same product, and they will order from the seller who has the most articles and info. They become impressed with how much you know on a given subject. You’re able to answer questions, your videos are informative, The potential customer has no problem contacting you, and you’re interacting with them, and not just posting information and waiting for a buy. With a blog, they can leave their comments, and see comments and Q&A from others , and get tips from people who have invested in this opportunity. No one wants to go to a dead-site, where you just look and buy. When it comes to generating leads and making sales, there’s never such a thing as too much information. The average buyer will visit your site at least 7 times before deciding to make a purchase, so always have enough content to interest visitors at your site.


It’s best to make a few youtube videos to let people know that you’re not someone hiding behind a website. You want to have your MCA, facebook and twitter links below the video. There are plenty of small business owners with youtube video presentations. Contact them and let them know what you have to offer. Build a relationship with these people. connect with them on facebook, twitter and especially linkedin. Make sure visitors leave comments on your blogs, videos and articles. You want a phone number, and more than one way for them to contact you. People don’t feel comfortable, not having a way to communicate, when you’re presenting something that requires they come off a few bucks. Start a blog. The average potential customer is on scam alert. That’s why you never ask for up-front money, or call it work -at- home. It’s not the same as work -at- home, it’s an opportunity to make money. The average employee expects a check every two weeks with a work at home opportunity, and if they don’t see any money by then, to them it’s a scam. Depending on how much work you put into MCA, it can take a month or more before the money really starts coming in, but the money will come in, and when it does, you’ll be glad to have put in the work, because sales will be on auto-pilot. Make sure your video answers the same questions that you would ask. Have your ads lead to youtube, and place your links below the screen.Use Facebook and twitter to promote your ads.


To be effective in the information day and age, you’re going to have to join at least 2 social media sites. I do 4, but if I had to choose 2, they’d be facebook and twitter. Millions of potential customers are online 24/7/365, and they’d love to reap the benefits of joining MCA, even if they don’t plan on becoming an affiliate. You have to get the word out, but not like everyone else does. You have to be one of the 5% who is actually doing internet marketing. It makes a big difference. Think about how you’d respond to some of the ads some affiliates are posting. It’s a wonderful product, but potential customers will never know it if it’s being presented on an unprofessional level, so you need to get your social site up and running and get some friends and followers, and that’s the first step. It gets better and more fun with each step, so don’t skip over a thing.

It starts here!

For you who are fortunate enough to be here today, you will leave knowing a heck of a lot more than when you came in, and that’s what you should be after. To make money with MCA, you’re going to have to know about internet marketing. It’s not rocket science, neverthess, it must be applied if you’re tired of making those 160 dollar checks with MCA, and you wonder how others are making 1000 dollars per week, and they’re not telling you! Every few days, I will be posting info, that will bring you into making real cash with MCA. I’m just starting out, so let’s start making this cash together. It’s free to join, but you make more money and big bonuses when you take advantage of the full program, because if you’re not using the product yourself, it’s hard to be honest and sincere when being questioned, and apparently you don’t value the product enough to purchase it, so why should they? I want you to google this opportunity and check it out , just like you do when you think other opportunities are scams, and then come back to this page.